Seasonal Customer Rates

Many customers leave their homes for a warmer climate during Iowa’s winter months. If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, please notify CFU.

Homeowners who plan to be away from Cedar Falls for a minimum of two months due to a seasonal move or extended trip are asked to call CFU at 319-268-5280 before leaving town to report departure and expected return dates.

CFU offers money-saving Seasonal Rates for homeowners who are out of town for at least 60 days. When you call to let us know about your departure, you may also ask for deferred billing, so that no utility bills will be mailed until after your return.

Before leaving town for an extended period you should also call the Cedar Falls Public Works Department at 319-273-8629 to stop refuse service and defer refuse charges while you are away.

 TV, Internet & Phone Service

While you are away, base rates of $2 per month for TV service, $2 per month for internet service and $11.95 per month for phone service apply.

Regular rates will apply if your home security system requires internet access.

You will be able to call CFU and make emergency (911) calls while your phone service is temporarily suspended. You will not be able to forward the line to an alternate number.

When you get back home, call CFU Customer Service at 319-268-5280 to resume your TV, internet and phone service with no reconnection fees.

 Gas & Electric

If you choose to completely shut off electric and/or gas service to your home, CFU charges a one-time fee of $60 plus tax per service to disconnect the electric and gas meters when you leave and reconnect it when you return.

Otherwise, you may continue paying the monthly minimum charge of $19.60 for electric and $15.50 for gas, plus tax and any actual usage.


 Water and Sewer

Monthly minimum rates of $15.80 for water and $24.55 for sewer apply unless you choose to winterize your home’s water pipes. Plus tax and any actual usage.

CFU can remove and reinstall your water meter for a one-time fee of $80 plus tax.

You may shut off the water yourself at the meter. You must read the meter and the water remote (if applicable) and call in those readings before you leave.

When you return, call in the readings again. If it indicates any usage, you will be charged for the water and sewer usage and monthly minimum rates for the time you were away.


 Refuse Service

Call the City’s Public Works Department at 319-273-8629 to have your refuse charges temporarily suspended.


Monthly Minimum Rates

Service   Rate
 TV  $2.00
 Internet  $2.00
 Phone  $11.95
 Refuse  None
 Electric  $19.60
 Gas  $15.50
 Water  $15.80
 Sewer  $24.55
Water rate is dependent on meter size and ownership. The charge reflected here is for most common meters. See our Service Rates & Policies for complete list. All rates are plus tax, access fees and usage. 

We're Here to Help

When you plan to come back home, be sure to call CFU at 319-268-5280 and the City’s Public Works Department, so your services are ready for you on the correct day.

Tips for a Vacant Home
  • Unplug all electrical appliances that will not be used.
  • Use a lamp timer to automatically turn an inside light on and off each night. This will give your home a lived-in appearance and discourage prowlers.
  • Stop all deliveries and notify the Post Office to hold or forward your mail.
  • Arrange for the care of all pets and live plants.
  • Make sure all doors, windows and other openings to the house are closed and locked.
  • Dispose of food items.
  • Empty the refrigerator, block open the door and unplug.
  • Make arrangements to have the sidewalk shoveled in the event of snow.
  • Notify Cedar Falls Public Safety at 319-273-8612 that you will be out of town so they can include your home on their housewatch service.
Keeping a Heated House
  • To help prevent the possibility of frozen pipes, open cabinets under sinks to allow heated air to circulate.
  • Set your thermostat no lower than 60 degrees. CFU highly recommends the use of a freeze alert device, such as the Winter Watchman. Contact CFU Energy Services at 319-266-1761 for more information about this and similar devices.
  • Have someone you trust regularly check your home. Daily checks should be made during severely cold weather. Curtains and draperies should be opened and closed to provide a lived-in appearance.
  • Set the water heater thermostat at the lowest possible position or shut it off completely if you plan to be gone longer than two weeks
Leaving an Unheated House
You may prefer to disconnect all utility services (including communications services) while you are gone. If so, CFU recommends that you hire a reliable local plumber to winterize your home. If you do the work yourself, please remember the following:
  • All water lines should be completely drained to prevent freeze-up damage.
  • Anti-freeze should be added to the traps in all drains, sinks, toilet bowls and tanks.
  • Make sure any appliances, electronics or other items are not going to be damaged by being left in sub-freezing temperatures.