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Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is an efficient, safe and clean-burning fuel used in most local homes and businesses. Since we work, learn and live in buildings where natural gas is used, everyone in our community needs to become familiar with basic gas safety information. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, so CFU adds a special odorant chemical to make potential leaks easy to identify.

If you smell gas

Leave the building immediately. Do not operate any electrical switches. From a safe location, call CFU at 268-5340 to report the odor. Do not return to the site until directed to do so by Utility or public safety officials.

Signs of a gas leak

A hissing sound, continuous bubbling up of soil or standing water and natural gas odor are the primary signs of a gas leak.

Call before you dig

The most frequent cause of gas leaks is accidental damage from excavation by citizens or construction workers. To help prevent this type of damage, Iowa law requires everyone to contact Iowa One-Call at least 48 hours before digging on any property for any reason. The new toll-free One-Call number is 811. One-Call will arrange to have the location of all underground services marked on the surface before excavation takes place. Locating services through One-Call are provided at no cost to the consumer.