Receive Tree Discount with Plant A Tree Program

Save up to $100 per year on a tree from CFU.

Cedar Falls Utilities’ Plant A Tree Program provides funding to promote energy conservation through tree planting. Energy conservation benefits our community by reducing the need for power generation and reducing the cost of cooling and heating for customers. Trees that shade your home or block wind can reduce energy used for air conditioning or heating by as much as 30 percent.

The Plant A Tree program provides a 40% discount for eligible trees purchased from participating retailers, up to a maximum discount of $100 per family per year. CFU contributes towards the cost of the tree, passing the savings along to you at the point of purchase. No rebate forms or paperwork is required. You will just need to ask the participating nursery for the CFU Plant a Tree discount.

Program Requirements and Limits

  • Maximum discount of $100 per address per year.
  • The discount applies to the tree cost only. 
  • Discounts available at the point of sale only.
  • Tree must be planted on property served by the Cedar Falls Municipal Electric Utility.
  • Planting site, soil and moisture conditions must be suitable for the species of the tree selected. Customers can choose from any of 40 eligible species specifically suites for Cedar Falls.
  • Prior to planting, call Iowa One Call at 811 to have underground services marked. 
  • Tree plantings in the right-of-way (between the sidewalk and the street) require permission from the City Arborist. Please see the Cedar Falls Park Division Street Tree Planting Policy.
Cedar Falls Park Division Street Tree Planting Policy
  • Homeowners, business and contractors are required to contact Cedar Falls Park Division for permission to plant in the right-of-way (in other words, the easement area between the street and the sidewalk).
  • The Park Division will review individual requests to determine if the tree height, width and species are allowed by ordinance. Consideration must also be given to the existence of overhead electrical, phone or communication lines. If overhead lines exist, particular care must be taken to ensure that future growth will not interfere with overhead lines. The Park Division enforces these regulations for Cedar Falls Utilities
  • The Park Division instructs the homeowner, business or contractor to contact Iowa One Call at 811 to have underground services marked before you dig.
  • Any excavation for tree planting in roadway Right-of-Way must be done by hand, where Cedar Falls Utilities underground gas, water, electric or communication lines exist. A minimum horizontal separation of 36" between any gas, electric or communication line and the tree centerline must be maintained. Specific questions related to this separation requirement should be directed to the Cedar Falls Utilities.
  • Trees planted near underground or overhead lines are subject to pruning or removal should repairs to the utility systems be required. Therefore, neither the Cedar Falls Utilities nor the City of Cedar Falls may be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the trees due to the necessity of utility system repairs.
  • Questions regarding plantings in the right-of-this policy may be directed to the Cedar Falls Park Division at 319-273-8624

Next Steps

Visit a participating nursery and select from any of 40 eligible species. 

Participating Nurseries


Approved Species


Only these retailers can offer the Plant-A-Tree program discount, saving you up to $100 per year on an eligible tree. The Plant-A-Tree program discount is taken off the sales price at the point of purchase when you pay for your tree. We regret that the discount cannot be given after the fact on trees you purchased in the past. There is no need to contact CFU to get the discount. Just select an eligible tree, purchase from one of the listed retailers, and ask the retailer for the Plant-A-Tree discount when you pay for the tree.