Cedar Falls Utilities works with customers who install renewable generating systems.

Installing and Connecting


  1. Contact a few local solar installers to get a free estimate of energy production and costs. 
  2. Contact CFU Energy Services (319-266-1761 or energyservices@cfunet.net) for a free technical review of the estimates to ensure you understand their terms and assumptions.
  3. Compete the Energy Exchange Application and email it to energyservices@cfunet.net or drop it off at our Customer Service office at 1 Utility Parkway in Cedar Falls, open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  4. CFU Engineering will review your application. A signed copy of the approved application will be sent back to you.
  5. Complete the installation with appropriate permits and inspections. City of Cedar Falls | Permitting & Licensing
  6. Contact to schedule a disconnect test. We will swap the electric meter and make rate changes to the Energy Exchange Rate at this time.

Energy Exchange Application PDF

Purchasing Energy

CFU has established a tariff for purchasing energy from generating facilities owned by customers. Systems up to 25 KW of nameplate capacity (50 kW for business) qualify for the Energy Exchange Rate. This rate establishes the amount CFU will credit to customers for excess renewable energy they generate and sell to us.

The Energy Exchange Rates are available in the annual Electric Rate Schedule.


Energy Exchange Rates Graphic for Solar and Wind