CFU Residential Services to Address Energy Concerns

CFU partners with our customers to make smart energy choices and help you save energy and money. In addition to providing cost-sharing rebates for efficiency upgrades, CFU Energy Services provides comfort consultations, utility bill analysis and energy assessments at no cost to CFU customers.

Available Home Energy Services

Comfort Consultation

Too hot? Too cold? Poor airflow? Want a second opinion before purchasing special equipment? Call Energy Services at 319-266-1761 and we can offer some suggestions to improve the comfort of your home.

Utility Bill Analysis

If your utility bill seems higher than it should be, we can run an analysis to compare your home’s energy use to past years, weather, and similar buildings to see if something is amiss. Call 319-266-1761 or email to get the conversation started.

Energy Assessment

We can come to your home to assess your current energy-using systems. Based on this information, we will recommend equipment change-outs, home improvements, and energy conservation practices that can lower your utility bill. Contact Energy Services at 319-266-1761 or email us at to schedule a visit.

New Home Review

CFU will review your plans to ensure compliance with the IECC 2012. Your general contractor will typically contact CFU for the plan review, but if you have questions or are acting as your own contractor, call 319-266-1761 and ask for Energy Services.