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Backflow Prevention

CFU's backflow prevention program is designed to protect our community's tap water from accidental contamination that can occur due to cross-connections. A cross-connection is any point where contaminants can "backflow" from the customer's point of use into the public water supply. Customer-owned lawn irrigation systems are the most common backflow hazard. To prevent lawn fertilizers and insecticides from entering the public water supply, all irrigation systems must be fitted with a backflow prevention assembly and inspected annually by a registered backflow testing firm.

See a list of local registered backflow testing companies.

Read our brochure on backflow prevention.

Download the backflow testing report form. This is the form a testing company should use to report results after testing the backflow prevention assembly on an irrigation system. Submission of this form to CFU documents that the homeowner or business has met the annual testing requirement.

For questions about backflow testing requirements, contact CFU at 268-5331 or email zach.pierce@cfunet.net.