Commercial Energy Program 

Commercial customers can qualify for a variety of energy-efficient incentive programs. Some equipment can be installed without pre-approval from CFU. Other custom equipment requires CFU pre-approval for qualification. Proper recycling of old fluorescent and HID lighting is required for rebate approval. See below for the available commercial and industrial incentive programs. Then download the desired rebate application forms for complete details.

If you don't see a rebate listed for your equipment or project, please fill out the custom rebate form.

Commercial Rebates

Appliances & Equipment

Rebate Application
Gas Water Heater 2024
Heat Pump Water Heater 2024
Motor 2024
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 2024


Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Systems & Duct Work

Rebate  Rebate Amount Application
Gas Boilers  $400 2024
Air Source Heat Pump  $600 + $600 Bonus if eliminating primary electric heat 2024
Dual Fuel System  (Air-Source Heat Pump + Gas Furnace) $750 + $600 Bonus if eliminating primary electric heat 2024
Ground Source Heat Pump  $500/ton of new ground loop + $500/ton of heating capacity installed 2024
Natural Gas Furnace with ECM  $150 2024
Central Air Conditioner  $200 2024
Ductless Mini-split Systems  $100/ton cooling 2024
WiFi Programmable Thermostat  100% of cost up to $100 2024


Thermal Envelope Improvements

Rebate Application
Insulation (Attic, Sidewalls, Crawl Space, Floors, Duct, Rim/Band Joist)




Rebate Application
LED Lighting*

2024+2024 Supplement


Electric Vehicles

Rebate Application
Level 2 EV Charger 2024
Electric Vehicle Community 2024
Electric Vehicle Charging Program Tracking Chart, 2024



Rebate Application
Custom Rebates 2024
New Construction Contact Energy Services at 319-266-1761
Other Contact Energy Services at 319-266-1761

*To evaluate your LED rebates, CFU will use this list of DLC primary use categories

Audits and Services

Share the cost of an assessment or schedule an audit:

Energy Audits

For small business customers looking to evaluate their energy efficiency options, or for companies of any size evaluating efficient lighting technologies, CFU offers small business energy and lighting systems audits at no cost. CFU will audit your facility and will provide recommendations about cost-effective options for your business. Contact Matt Hein, Energy Services Manager at 319-268-5427 for more information.

Assessment Cost Share

Some larger business customers need to hire independent energy auditors or engineering firms who possess the technical expertise to assess options for large-scale facilities or specific industrial processes. CFU provides rebates to help pay down the costs of these technical assessments and audits. Assessment rebates from CFU are in addition to any CFU rebates for eligible energy efficiency improvements the business makes after audit completion. Assessment rebate amounts are awarded on a case-by-case basis; for more information contact Matt Hein, Energy Services Manager, at 319-268-5427.


Matt Hein, Energy Services Manager

For business or industrial energy-management assistance call CFU Energy Services Manager, Matt Hein at 319-268-5427.