CFU Business Internet Plans

Our business-ready broadband infrastructure helps local companies succeed and positions Cedar Falls to compete nationally for new jobs and economic growth. Internet service up to 10 gigabits per second is available city-wide. CFU customers can choose internet speeds that rank among the fastest in the world.

Fiber Office Internet

Services are provided through CFU's gigabit passive optical network, available at all Cedar Falls locations. Performance may be affected by limitations of customer-owned networking equipment and numerous other factors.

Subscribe to CFU TV for your business and receive a $12 per month discount on your internet plan.


Fiber Non-profit does not qualify for the multi-service discount. A $5 Rural FiberNet Connection fee is added for customers outside the city limits.

Service Plan Maximum Bandwidth (download x upload) Price
FiberOffice Enterprise
10x10 gigabits per second
FiberOffice Ultra
5x5 gigabits per second
FiberOffice Plus
1x1 gigabit per second
250x250 Mbps
Fiber Non-profit
250x250 Mbps

Wavenet Wireless Internet for Rural Cedar Falls

Wavenet is provided in parts of rural Cedar Falls not served by our fiber to the premises network. It is a fixed wireless service requiring line-of-sight for reception. A WaveNet connection can also be used for construction site service or as a back-up connection within the city limits.

Service Plan Speed (download/upload) Price
WaveNet Office

9x1 mbps

WaveNet Office Plus
18x2 Mbps