Add a Dollar Program

Help Families Heat their Home

There are many needy households in Cedar Falls that may be unable to pay their heating bills during the winter months. Add-a-Dollar is a voluntary contribution program that enables CFU customers to assist these households. Since the program was first implemented in November 1985, CFU customers have demonstrated outstanding support.

The City of Cedar Falls Developmental Services Department administers the Add-a-Dollar funds and determines the households that qualify. All traditional types of home heating systems are eligible for Add-a-Dollar assistance. No administrative costs are charged to the program, so every dollar contributed goes to help a needy household.

To participate, please complete the following form. Contributions are tax deductible and a year-to-date contribution report is included on the lower portion of the monthly CFU statement.

The Add-a-Dollar program is a way to help others in the community. CFU customers are urged to continue their support.