CFU Built a Better Network. 

Welcome to the community-owned broadband network that most towns can only dream about. CFU built fiber-to-the-door in every corner of Cedar Falls, so we can offer crazy-fast internet service to every customer across our community. 

10 Gig Service Available Anywhere.

CFU has designed the network for a community in which everything is connected.  CFU customers can choose internet speeds that rank among the fastest in the world. Internet service up to 10 gigabits per second is available across Cedar Falls.  

Built for Innovation. 

Cedar Falls families are adding internet enabled devices to their homes quickly. More connected devices means that CFU's ultra-fast internet speeds and reliability are important. 

Business-ready infrastructure helps local companies succeed and positions Cedar Falls to compete nationally for new jobs and economic growth. The 10 Gig network is a platform built for innovation.

What Sets Our Network Apart

Fiber to Your Door

Get connected right away in any Cedar Falls location.

CFU can connect your business or home faster. If you're located in an established neighborhood or business corridor, we've already built fiber optic cable to your door. If you're the first occupant in a new subdivision you can get service right away. We install all utility infrastructure at the same time, so CFU internet and TV can be ready to connect along with gas, electricity and water when you move in. 

CFU communications crew installing fiber into ground
World-Class Speed

The fastest connection speed in Cedar Falls - or just about anywhere.

Our city-wide network brings fiber optic cable to every home and business. Because we've invested in a better network, we can offer and actually deliver far more speed than any other Cedar Falls internet provider. The network is already built and ready to deliver 10 gigabit service anywhere in town, with no waiting and no build-out fee.  

CFU Tech splicing fiber in residential neighborhood
Unmatched Reliability

Local network built for reliability.

Fiber optic networks are more reliable than older copper or coax broadband plants. Beyond that, every inch of our city-wide network was planned to keep working when bad stuff happens. Without going all engineer on you, we can say that key system components and fiber paths have backups. Because of that, service outages are most often prevented altogether or confined to a small area and fixed fast.

CFU communications tech pulling fiber in residential neighborhood
Upstream Connections

Unmatched upstream connectivity.

Our fiber network doesn't end at the city limits. CFU has one-hop, fully diverse fiber paths to the three most highly connected internet backbone networks. If one of our upstream connections suffers a fiber cut, customers never know the difference. We can serve 100% of system demand through any two of our three transport paths and upstream providers. This robust external network means lower costs, higher reliability and better performance due to lower latency.

Economical Rates

Economical rates and no gimmicks.

Ever tried to find out what the other providers charge for internet service? Yeah, us too. It's almost impossible to get a straight answer, either on the phone or through their websites. All they want to quote you is a bait and switch price that's only good for a few weeks or months. CFU's has everyday economical pricing. You won't find more speed or better reliability for your money. We practice honest pricing with no surprises or hidden fees.