City of Cedar Falls Garbage, Sewer and Stormwater Services

The City of Cedar Falls Public Works Department (not CFU) provides sanitary sewer, garbage collection, yard waste and stormwater management services. The City Council sets the rates for these services. For your convenience, CFU sends customers a single, combined monthly bill covering all services provided by both CFU and the City.

CFU Customer Service Representatives assist customers with starting and stopping these services. For questions about garbage collection and yard waste services or to change the size of your garbage container, please call the City's Public Works Department at 319-273-8629

Sewer Fees

For dwellings with CFU water service, the monthly sewer fee is based upon metered water usage. The sewer fee is $26.26 for the first 200 cubic feet of monthly water usage, plus $4.70 for each additional 100 cubic feet. Residential sewer fees during the months of May through November shall not exceed the average amount charged for usage during the previous full January through March period. Sewer fees for multi-family housing, mobile home parks and commercial property may be found in the City Code.

Garbage Collection Fees

For automated garbage truck routes, the monthly fee depends upon the size of the city-issued garbage container selected by the customer. Choices are: $9.46 for a 32-gallon container; $17.86 for a 68-gallon container or $27.84 for a 95-gallon container. More information may be found in the City Code.

Yard Waste Fees

Residents who want curbside yard-waste pick-up receive a 95-gallon city-issued container. The City charges $10.00 each time the container is emptied. Yard waste is also accepted at the City's transfer station, and seasonally at the compost facility. In the fall, the City offers a convenient leaf-vacuum service.

Stormwater Management Fee

The fee is $4.47 per month for a single-family residence and per dwelling unit in multi-family residential properties. Non-residential properties are charged a base fee of $4.47 per month, plus an additional fee of $7.46 per month for each additional 10,000 square feet (or any part thereof) of impervious surface (as defined in the City Code).