Credit Concerns & Questions

CFU Credit Services personnel are available at 319-268-5281 to consult with customers who may find it difficult at times to pay their utility bills. This service may include referrals to local agencies who can provide assistance to meet emergency situations. Our staff may be able to assist you with a payment plan arrangement to bring a delinquent account up to date (not all customers are eligible).

Payment Due Dates and Delinquent Account Collection

Customer bills are mailed on six dates each month. Your bill is due in full within 20 days after you receive it, and the due date is printed on the bill.

If we don't receive your payment by the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee of 1.5% of the bill amount. As a courtesy, CFU sends a reminder notice and waives the late payment fee the first time your payment is late each year.

If your payment is not received by 7 days after the due date, we will mail you a disconnect notice. If payment is not received within 12 days after the disconnect notice, we will contact you by phone or by posting a note on your door to let you know that you have 24 hours to pay or the service will be disconnected.

If service is disconnected for non-payment, the following amounts must be paid in order for us to restore service:

  • the entire balance of the unpaid bill
  • a reconnect fee and any other unpaid fees (such as the posting fee)
  • a security deposit equal to your highest monthly bill incurred in the past year