CFU Provides Quality Drinking Water

Water quality is our primary commitment in the Water Utility at CFU. 

How We Treat Your Drinking Water

The treatment process begins at each of our eight well sites where water is pumped from the Silurian-Devonian aquifer. The water obtained is of such high quality that only chlorine and fluoride are added at the well sites.

CFU continues to work around the clock to provide top quality water to every tap. We continue to partner with our customers to protect and conserve our water sources and to provide an economical, quality and dependable supply of water now and into the future.

We are happy to report that our water surpasses all federal and state water quality standards and that our water rates continue to be among the lowest in the state.

If you want to learn more or have questions, comments or suggestions, you can call Water Services at 319-268-5340.

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