We are CFU Spotlight: Matt Hein, Energy Services Manager

Matt Hein is the Energy Services Manager at CFU. Matt and his team are responsible for initiatives that help the community use less energy. This includes our cost-sharing rebate program code inspections and project consulting.

"We want to help customers in any way that we can and energy efficiency is a way to do that" says Matt. 

"The customer is benefiting by reducing utility bills. The customer is also benefiting because now Cedar Falls Utilities doesn’t have to build additional infrastructure to support our growing community. By reducing the amount of energy that each building each business each customer uses year over year we can use our same well maintained infrastructure to provide the energy the community needs without having to add additional systems. And that benefits the customer as well because it helps us keep our rates low."

One of Matt's favorites aspects of his role is the impact Energy Services is able to have in the community and the customer success stories that result.

"It can be large customers saving a tremendous amount of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by large amounts. Those are certainly successes" adds Matt.

"But sometimes it’s our really small customer service successes; helping an elderly customer choose the right lighting for their living room. I know it’s a really small thing but for them it’s a big thing."