Prevent Backflow and Help Protect our Water Quality

Backflow prevention is a simple precaution that helps protect our water supply from contamination.

Water typically flows from the public water main to your home’s water pipes and out your faucet. 

Backflow occurs when an event causes abnormally low pressure in the system such as during a water main break. This creates a contamination hazard as water flowing into the system from a private water supply may contain lawn chemicals or household products that are not safe to drink. 

Newer homes have anti-siphon faucets to prevent backflow. Install an inexpensive hose bibb vacuum breaker on older outdoor faucets to prevent backflow such as from your garden hose. 

Private lawn irrigation systems are the most common backflow hazard. These systems are fitted with a backflow prevention assembly and require a yearly inspection by a licensed tester to make sure it’s functioning properly. 

CFU has contracted with Aqua Backflow to help manage this program. We appreciate your cooperation with them regarding requests for information. 

Questions can be directed to Aqua Backflow at 847-742-2296 or or to CFU Water Operations at 319-268-5331. For more details on backflow prevention and a list of local testing companies visit