We are CFU Spotlight: Jake Limburg, Help Desk Services Specialist

Jake Limburg is the Help Desk Services Specialist at CFU and helps lead the team that provides customers with internet TV and phone tech support.

"We try to provide quality troubleshooting services to customers at the Help Desk" says Jake.

"I think TV internet and phone providers have a reputation for having automated voices on the phone. When Cedar Falls customers call into the Help Desk they know they're speaking to someone locally. I think customers like to know there is someone nearby that knows their equipment and knows issues going on in the community." 

Jake started at CFU as a part-time Help Desk Assistant more than five years ago and has worked his way up to a leadership role.

"I was a part-time employee so I know the ins and outs and I am very happy to provide a little bit of leadership to people that are in the position that I used to be in" adds Jake.

A strong sense of teamwork and a commitment to providing exceptional service are key factors in what Jake loves about working at CFU.

"I think the Help Desk just really emphasizes CFU's mission and role in the community; to provide local service and local troubleshooting and high quality service" says Jake.

"It really is just a collection of people working towards a shared goal for their community. I think that is evident in everything that we do."