Replace Your HVAC Air Filter to Maintain Efficiency

CFU Energy Services would like to remind you that regularly replacing your air filter in your heating ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) system is important to maintain the efficiency of your equipment as well as the air quality of your home.

A clean air filter allows air to pass through your HVAC system more efficiently resulting in lower energy bills. 

Be sure to look at the size of your current filter before purchasing a new one. Most filters are one inch thick but some systems can accommodate a filter two to five inches thick.

Filters that are five inches thick offer superior filtration and last much longer.

You also want to select a filter that maximizes surface area with pleating and has an electrostatic charge to most effectively capture pollutants.  

Filter manufacturers will recommend how often their product should be replaced. However as a general rule of thumb replace your filter every 90 days.

You can find furnace filters at most home or hardware stores as well as online. If you have questions regarding your specific system contact your preferred HVAC contractor.

Remember: Replace your HVAC Air Filter

How often you should replace your air filter varies. As a general rule of thumb replace your filter every 90 days or at the change of every season.