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Participating Retailers

To qualify for Cedar Falls TREES cost sharing funds, purchase trees from any of the retailers listed below. These retailers provide Plant-A-Tree program discount when you pay for your tree(s). Discounts are provided on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted for the season.

  • Dierk's Tree Transplant, Cedar Falls
  • Earl May Nursery and Garden Center, Cedar Falls
  • Frost Tree Farms, Denver
  • Jordan's Nursery, Cedar Falls
  • Meyer's Nursery, Waterloo
  • Wapsie Pines Lawn & Landscaping, Cedar Falls

Please note:

ONLY these retailers can offer the Plant-A-Tree program discount, saving you up to $100 per year on eligible shade trees. The Plant-A-Tree program discount is taken off the sales price at the point of purchase when you pay for your tree(s). We regret that the discount cannot be given after the fact on trees you purchased in the past. There is no need to contact CFU to get the discount. Just select an eligible tree or trees, purchase from one of the listed retailers, and ask the retailer for the Plant-A-Tree discount when you pay for the tree(s). A fixed amount of funding is provided for this program each year. Retailers offer the Plant-A-Tree discount on a first-come, first-served basis until funding for the season runs out. 

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Map of Shade Tree Walking Tour in downtown Cedar Falls