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CFU to Update Broadband System

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CFU to Update Broadband System

Cedar Falls Utilities is starting a project this spring to update the infrastructure used to deliver broadband internet, TV and phone services across our community.

Ten years ago, CFU connected every customer to fiber optic service. The fiber network allows us to deliver world-class internet speeds and reliable, affordable service. At the time, CFU was one of the first all-fiber networks in the country.

Now CFU will reinvest in the network. This project will enable us to deliver the next generation of internet and TV services.

CFU will continue to utilize the fiber optic network but must upgrade the equipment that powers our system behind the scenes. As part of the project, we will replace a device in most homes and businesses called an optical network terminal, or ONT. The ONT feeds internet, TV and phone services to your property.

This infrastructure upgrade will take place across our community over four years. Work is starting now in the southeast portion of town.

When work begins in your area, CFU will contact you to schedule a time for the ONT replacement. Equipment installations will be completed at no charge and at a time convenient for you.

If you are a CFU internet and/or phone customer, your features will not change but you will be eligible for new services.

CFU TV customers with an EZHD tuner or those who do not use TV equipment will see no change to cable services.

If you have a set-top box or DVR, our technician will replace your TV equipment at no additional cost. Your on screen guide will be updated and new features will be available. For more information about the TV service update, including a features preview, user guide and tutorials, visit cfu.net/TVupdate.

Please call CFU at 319-268-5283 if you have any questions about the broadband system update.

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