We are CFU Spotlight: Adam Peterson, Electrical Substation & Metering Manager

Adam Peterson is the Electrical Substation and Metering Manager and leads Electric Operations at CFU. 

Adam and his team are responsible for planning building and maintaining the infrastructure used to deliver electricity to our customers.

"CFU does a really good job of maintaining equipment and planning for growth" says Adam. 

"We plan ahead to get the infrastructure in place so that when we need it it's there."

Adam began his career at CFU after graduating from college and has worked his way up to a leadership role over the past 16 years.

As part of his role Adam is on call and works closely with line workers to get power restored in the case of an outage.

"When there's a problem we come in and manage the outage and get the power on as fast as we can" says Adam.

"With us being a small company and with the services we provide I think we do a really good job of getting services restored as quickly as possible. With some larger companies they may have a lengthy drive time to even get to where the outage is to look at it let alone fix the problem. With us being local we're able to assess what needs to be done and get it fixed pretty quickly."

Adam and the CFU electric utility staff know how important reliable power is to our customers.

"A lot of people depend on their electricity and having reliable power so we'll do whatever we can to make sure that happens and continues going forward."