Replacing Your Electric Meter

CFU Electric Meter Technicians replace more than 1000 electric meters at customers' homes each year as part of our maintenance program. The electric meter measures the cumulative number of kilowatt hours or amount of electricity used at your home. The meter is typically located outside your house so it can be easily read each month to ensure your electric bill is accurate. The replacement process is quick and can involve a 15 second power outage while the new meter is installed. 

Before replacing a meter that requires an outage an Electric Meter Technician will knock on your door and notify anyone that is home that they should expect a short outage while electricity to your home is turned off. If continuous power is vital to your home an uninterruptible power source is recommended for this scenario as well as power outages that could occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. For questions regarding electric meter replacement or other electric utility questions Electric Operations can be reached at 319-268-5297.