Start, Stop and Transfer Your Utilities When You Move

When you move, make your utility service transition quick and easy by following the simple instructions below. 

Start, stop or transfer your utility services with CFU by completing a form online or calling customer service at 319-268-5280.

The customer service office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We will need notice at least one working day prior to the day you’d like to begin or end utility services.

Moving Out

Gas, water and/or electric utilities will not be disconnected at your house when you move. 

Instead utilities will be transferred to the new owner on the closing date and the contact name for the service address will be updated.

We complete a final meter read to ensure your final bill is accurate. If you currently rent, it is important you know which utilities are your responsibility. 

Don't forget to return CFU equipment such as cable boxes and remote controls to our office. Charges for unreturned items will 
be included on your final bill. 

Moving Across Town

When you move from one Cedar Falls address to another, you can transfer your services instead of needing to stop and start service. Complete a transfer form to update your utility account.

Moving In

If you are new to Cedar Falls you will need to contact us to start your utility services. 

To start service we will need your social security number, the date you want service to begin, your present address, your new service address, emergency contact information and roommate information if applicable. 

If you will rent at your new service address we will also need your landlord’s name and phone number.

Complete the start, stop or transfer form online.