Get the Best Internet Experience in Your Home

Having a seamless internet experience is vital to most consumers. This often means a fast and reliable WiFi signal for streaming, gaming or working. 

When issues arise, customers might be surprised to learn it is most often due to an outdated wireless router rather than your internet speed. 

"When customers call into our Help Desk reporting slow or spotty internet service, it is almost always a WiFi or router issue, not a speed issue," says Charles Dostale, CFU Chief Technology Officer and Director of Communication Operations.

"Routers are engineered and manufactured to meet a price point, they are not designed to last a long time," says Charles. 

Not only can an older router start to fail, but as the technology in new devices evolve, so do the routers required to support them.

"Often a single component begins to fail intermittently, causing network interruptions and frustration," says Charles.

"Over the past 25 years, WiFi standards have changed an average of every 4 years. Based on that and my experience, the lifetime of a router is between 3 to 5 years."

To ensure the best WiFi signal, it is also important to place your router in an area that is physically closer to where you use your wireless devices most. 

Connecting devices with an Ethernet cable (Cat6A) when possible can also help maximize the speeds on your home network.

"For customers who have the expertise or wish to manage their own network, we provide some of the fastest internet in the country for them to connect," says Charles.

"For customers who may not want to deal with their own equipment or want expert advice, we offer an affordable managed wireless service. We provide top of the line equipment and unlimited access to our local support team."

CFU offers a managed wireless service that can provide customers with the latest equipment and replace it as needed. We also install, optimize and maintain a mesh WiFi network to provide reliable wireless internet service across your home.

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