We are CFU Spotlight: Jordan, Customer Service Assistant

Jordan is a Customer Service Assistant at CFU and helps customers when they come into the office or call our Customer Service department.

"I work with customers face to face every day and on the phone. I take their payments answer bill questions and just take the time to listen to any questions comments or concerns" says Jordan.
Jordan started at CFU in 2020 and has enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with customers.

"A lot of customers still come in to make payments. I appreciate the conversations I get to have with them. They love to chat and catch up with us. I know their names they know ours and it’s just nice to have that sense of community." 

A strong sense of teamwork and a commitment to providing exceptional service are key reasons Jordan appreciates her role.

"I’m proud to work for CFU because of the community that we have inside the building. Everyone here is happy to help each other and help the customers that come in with questions. I haven’t worked anywhere that creates that culture" adds Jordan.

Jordan recognizes that the commitment to service extends beyond the customer service team and makes CFU special. 

"I think what sets CFU apart from other utility companies is how focused we are on customer service. In every utility we provide customer service. It’s not just the customer service department."