CFU Reinvests in Infrastructure to Support Growth

Cedar Falls Utilities reinvests in infrastructure to support growth and maintain reliable utility service for customers. Much of this work is done during the summer months when construction projects ramp up.

Gas and Water Utility crews will work this summer to install new gas services in the Wild Horse housing addition. Crews will install more than 1000 feet of gas main to bring gas services to new customers.

Electric Utility crews will work on replacing underground power lines in the Viking Hills neighborhood. New lines will be placed in underground conduit which protects it from the elements and improves reliability. 

Electric crews will work in other neighborhoods to replace underground cable and convert overhead power lines as time allows.

Communications Utility crews will continue work on a three year project to update infrastructure used to deliver internet TV and phone service. Equipment in every home across the community is being upgraded. This allows CFU to deliver next generation TV and internet services and is scheduled to be completed this year.

Communications crews will also begin a project to extend high-speed fiber optic broadband services to 1000 new customers in rural Cedar Falls and the surrounding areas. 

CFU received a $2.3M Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant that will cover a portion of construction costs. Initial infrastructure work is scheduled for this year with service scheduled to begin in 2023. Customers who want to learn more can visit