We are CFU Spotlight: Connor Bienfang, Gas Service Technician

Connor Bienfang is a Gas Service Technician at CFU. Connor and his colleagues are responsible for installing or replacing gas and water meters following up on gas service calls and inspecting customer appliances.

"In my role we do a variety of things. We service all gas and water meters complete new pipe inspections and respond to gas appliance and gas odor calls" says Connor.

Connor started at CFU in a temporary part-time summer help position while attending tech school. After graduating Connor was hired full-time as a welder and then moved to a position in gas construction before taking his current role.

"I’m proud to work for CFU for the role we play in the community. We don't just stop at our meters. I think we go above and beyond" says Connor. 

"Every utility company is required and will respond to gas odors. We do that as well but if it's the middle of the night and you don't have heat you can always call us. We don't replace parts in furnaces but if we can help we certainly will" adds Connor.

The opportunity to provide a level of service customers recognize as unique is a key reason Connor enjoys his role.

"I hear a lot from customers that they like being in Cedar Falls for the utilities. I know that may sound like a weird thing to say but I really do hear it often and it makes me happy to be a part of it."