Natural Gas Market Update

Natural gas customers across the country have experienced high gas market costs over the past few years. Natural gas market prices impact CFU customers because there is a variable charge on utility bills that reflects the market price of gas and the cost to transport the gas to Cedar Falls.

The Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) fluctuates up and down based on the wholesale price CFU pays for the gas it provides to customers. CFU does not mark up what we pay for natural gas. The cost of the gas commodity is a pass-through to customers so if gas market costs go up or down so does the PGA.

There is good news to share about natural gas prices. Current natural gas market prices have moderated and are projected to remain lower throughout the summer. 

Going forward CFU will continue to control the costs we can protect customers as much as possible from natural gas market volatility and keep you informed about the impact of energy markets on utility bills.