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Residential Rates

Rate Components

Water rates are made up of two components: the service charge and the water charge.

Service Charge

The service charge is a fixed monthly amount for each meter. It covers CFU's overhead costs associated with meter reading, customer services, billing, service calls, and meter maintenance. The monthly service charge for residential water customers depends on the size of their water meter. Most residential water meters are 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch in diameter. The monthly service charge for a 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch water meter is $14.60. The monthly service charge for customers who own their own water meter is $14.40 a month.

Water Charge

The water charge is the amount you pay for each hundred cubic feet (CCF) of water you use. The rate is broken up into three blocks, with the charge per CCF declining with each higher block of consumption.


  • First 10.0 CCF consumed: $1.61 per CCF 
  • All over 10.0 CCF consumed: $1.48 per CCF

How to Calculate Your Water Costs

If a residence with a 5/8 inch water meter consumed 18 CCF of water, the water bill for that month would be as follows:

Description Charge
Service Charge $14.60
First 10 CCF at $1.61/CCF $16.10
Next 8 CCF at $1.48/CCF $11.84
State Excise Tax (6%) $2.55
Total Cost: $45.09

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Effective 1/1/21.