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Commercial Rates

Commercial Components

The commercial water rate is made up of two components: the service charge and the water charge.

Service Charge

A fixed monthly charge covering CFU's overhead costs associated with meter reading, customer services, billing, service calls, and meter maintenance. The monthly service charge for commercial water customers depends on the size of the water meter, shown in the chart below.

Meter Size Charge
Customer Owned $15.80
5/8-Inch $15.80
3/4-Inch $15.80
1-Inch $23.55
1½-Inch $41.85
2-Inch $59.15
3-Inch $96.05
4-Inch $147.25
6-Inch $280.00
8-Inch $445.00

Water Charge

The water charge is the amount you pay for each hundred cubic feet (CCF) of water that is used. The rate is broken up into blocks, with the charge per CCF based on consumption.


The General Service Water Rate (WA-860) usage charges are as follows:

  • First 10.0 CCF consumed: $2.15 per CCF 
  • Next 390.0 CCF consumed: $1.52 per CCF 
  • All over 400.0 CCF consumed: $1.52 per CCF

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Effective 1/1/23.