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Commercial Rates

CFU has several rate plans for commercial customers depending on size of company, usage and number of meters. Commercial natural gas rates are made up of three components: the service charge, the delivery charge and the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA).

Service Charge

The service charge covers CFU's overhead costs associated with meter reading, customer services, billing, service calls, and meter maintenance. The charge is a fixed amount each month. Please see the gas rate schedule for the charge for each commercial rate class.

Delivery Charge

A charge applied to each thousand cubic feet (MCF) of gas used. This charge recovers CFU's cost of delivering gas to customers. 

Purchased Gas Cost Charge (PGA)

The Purchased Gas Cost Charge (PGA) reflects the cost of the natural gas commodity and its delivery to Cedar Falls. This cost varies each month and is billed directly with no markup. This component of the bill changes each month. If the billed usage occurs both before and after the first of the month, the bill is calculated using the number of days each PGA was in effect.

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