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Residential Rates

Rate Components

The residential electric rate is made up of three components: the service charge, the base rate and the energy cost adjustment (ECA).

Service Charge

The service charge is applied on each metered service. This charge covers CFU's costs associated for meter reading, customer services, billing, service calls and meter maintenance. The monthly service charge for residential customers is $17.

Base Rate

The base rate is an amount you pay for each kilowatt-hour used. It covers the cost of CFU's local electric distribution system, transmission costs, production costs and other expenses. The rate per kilowatt-hour (KWH) over 800 KWH is different in the winter and summer.


  • First 800 KWH consumed: 5.54¢ per KWH 
  • All Over 800 KWH consumed: 4.75¢ per KWH (Winter, Oct-May)
  • All Over 800 KWH consumed: 5.54¢ per KWH (Summer, June-Sept)

How to Calculate Your Electric Costs

If a residence consumed 1375 KWH during a winter month when the ECA was $.041/KWH, the electric bill would be calculated as follows:

Description Charge
Service Charge $17.00
First 800 KWH X $0.0554 $44.32
Next 575 KWH X $0.0475 $27.31
ECA=$0.041/KWH $56.38
Local Option Tax (1%) $1.45
Total Cost: $146.46

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Effective 1/1/21.