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Commercial Rates

CFU has several electric rate plans for commercial customers depending on size of company, usage and number of meters.

All electric rates include three components: the service charge, the base rate and the energy cost adjustment factor (ECA). Rates for commercial customers with load in excess of 50KW also include a demand charge. 

Service Charge

The service charge is applied on each metered service. This charge covers CFU's costs associated for meter reading, customer services, billing, service calls and meter maintenance.. The monthly service charge for commercial customers varies with the rate plan; see the electric rate schedule.

Base Rate

The base rate is an amount you pay for each kilowatt-hour used. It covers the cost of CFU's local electric distribution system, transmission costs, production costs and other expenses. 

Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA)

CFU's power costs change each month due to variability in the cost of fuel and purchased power. The ECA adjusts monthly to pass CFU's power costs through to customers' bills. The ECA is a charge applied to each kilowatt hour of usage. 

Demand Charge

Demand charges are based upon the highest load period, in 15-minute intervals, during a billing month.

Download the electric rate schedule to see the classification factors, service charge, base rate and demand charge (if applicable) for CFU's commercial rate classes.