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How to TV Video Library for CFU TV

TV How To Video Library

How to Use the Guide

Learn how to navigate the program guide.

How to Record with Your PowerDVR

Learn how to record a program you watching live, a future program or a series on your PowerDVR.

How to Watch a Recording on Your PowerDVR

Learn how to watch a recorded program or series on your PowerDVR plus how to control the playback of the recording.

How to Edit Your Recording Schedule on Your PowerDVR

Learn how to edit your program or series recording schedule on your PowerDVR

How to Use Catch Up TV Feature

Learn how you can catch up by accessing up to three days of past programming so you never miss last night's big game again.

How to Use Restart TV Feature

Learn how to restart a currently airing program from the beginning so you never miss the start of your favorite.