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NBC Sports Chicago

As a community-owned cable system, we work to satisfy the wide range of customers’ viewing preferences and deliver the best value for your dollar. Recently, we have been working on your behalf to renew our contract with NCB Sports Chicago, CFU channel 31/431, by September 30.

Starting in 2020, the network will no longer broadcast Chicago Cubs games. The Cubs have chosen to form their own independent sports network, the Cubs Marquee Sports Network. CFU is also negotiating a carriage agreement for the Cubs Marquee Network. NBC Sports Chicago will relaunch with more coverage of the Chicago White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks.

Even as they lose the Cubs games, NBC Sports Chicago is demanding a large monthly fee to provide the network to CFU customers. Rising network fees are the main reason cable and satellite TV bills go up from year to year. In fact, about 80% of the price customers pay for our most popular TV plan goes to pay carriage fees to broadcast stations and cable networks.

We know that affordable service is important to you. While we very rarely drop channels, in this case we may stop carrying NBC Sports Chicago based on customer interest and the outcome of our negotiations. 

As we face increased programming costs across the lineup, we will continue to make community input the guiding force for CFU TV service.


Q: Where will I be able to watch Iowa High School Boys Championships?

A: NBC Sports Chicago no longer holds the rights to broadcast Iowa High School Boys Championships. The Iowa High School Athletic Association and their TV distribution partner, Iowa High School Sports Network, have not finalized their distribution plans for 2019 and future years. Future championships are expected to be widely available across the state. Read more in the Des Moines Register.

Q: Where will I be able to watch UNI Men's Basketball and other MVC basketball games?

A: UNI Men's Basketball home games that air on NBC Sports Chicago will continue to be available to CFU TV customers on Channel 15/HD415 as part of the Panther Sports Network. Occasionally, UNI games at Illinois schools will be available exclusively on NBC Sports Chicago. Missouri Valley Conference tournament games will continue to be available on Fox Sports Midwest, CBS Sports and CBS. 

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