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EZ HD Tuner

Equipment Options

HD channels are included at no extra cost in every FiberNet TV plan. You need a receiver to unscramble and display the free HD channels. If you have an HDTV, we highly recommend getting a receiver for HD picture quality. Without it, your big, beautiful flat screen is starved for pixels, so picture quality suffers. Our full-feature and budget receivers are compared in the chart below. Call 319-268-5283 weekdays for help selecting HD equipment.

Compare HD Equipment EZHD Tuner HD Receiver HD DVR
HD picture and sound Yes Yes Yes
Hides behind your TV Yes No No
Easily record shows or series No No Yes
Record and play shows from any room with multi-room option No Yes* Yes*
Start playback in one room and resume in another No Yes* Yes*
Pause, rewind and resume live TV while you watch No No Yes
Video On Demand service included No Yes Yes
Interactive on-screen program guide included?  Yes
16 hours
10 days
10 days
Easy to set up parental controls Yes Yes Yes
TV Everywhere web & mobile viewing included Yes Yes Yes
50 digital music channels included Yes Yes Yes
Digital access fee (per household)** $1/month $4.50/month $4.50/month
Rental fee (per device) $2/month $7.50/month $12.50/month
Multi-room fee (per household)* 0 0 $5/month**
Dimensions 4x4x2" 15x12x4" 15x12x4"
* With optional multi-room set up.
**This monthly fee is the same no matter how many devices you rent. 

Device Descriptions

Multi-room DVR System
Start playing a recording in one room and resume in another!

HD DVR (without multi-room setup)
Watch, record and playback HD shows.

HD Receiver
HD reception plus interactive features.

EZ HD Tuner
True HD reception at a budget price.