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Zimbra Webmail Overview

CFU's webmail interface is called Zimbra. When you login, you will see the Zimbra email window pictured below.

Scroll down for an introduction to Zimbra, or follow use the menu at right to explore the Zimbra user interface and features.

Getting started with Zimbra

What does the Zimbra inbox look like, and how does it work?
When you login to Webmail, you will see the Zimbra screen displayed below. Select the item you want to work with from the main menu in the top blue bar (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc). For your convenience, Zimbra opens in email mode, with the Mail tab selected. From here you can compose an email by clicking on the words New Message. If you click on the down arrow next to New Message, it will drop-down a list of options. Use the top menu to jump to other tasks, such as Contacts or Calendar. 

Zimbra interface

What is the largest size file I can send via webmail?
20 MB

How are my messages grouped up?
'Conversation View' is the default setting. If you would prefer to display each message individually, simply click the View button (on the top right) and click by message.

How do I create a signature block?
Click on Preferences (located in the top navigation bar).
Select Signatures from the column on the left.
Select New Signature.
You can change the font or add symbols with the navigation bar.

What is the briefcase for?
The briefcase is used for storing documents and pictures.      

How do I add a contact?
From the main screen, click on Contacts.
Look directly below, click New Contact.
Complete the appropriate fields.
Once you are done, click Save in the upper left.

What is the Preferences function for on the navigation bar?
Preferences is where you set up options for your account. From Preferences you can also import or export your contacts or calendar, set up filters, or create an 'away' message.

What are tags?
Tags are a personal classification system for webmail messages, contacts, tasks and appointments. You can tag as many messages as you want and you can apply multiple tags to the same message and contacts.

How do I send an attachment?
Compose a message. Then click on the word Attach (under Subject) or click the small triangle symbol next to the word Attach to locate the attachment.

Where did my draft go?
If you composed a message but didn't save it as a draft, it will auto-save and link to your navigation bar. Simply click the title (in the below example it's listed as "test") or click the x symbol to delete it.

Q:  Every day I get a message from "Daily Digest" with Subject: Spam Digest for [DATE]. What is this message and what should I do with it?

A:  Your new mailbox has spam filtering set up by default. Every day (unless you turn it off) you will get a message like this that lists emails the filter has flagged for some reason. It's important to review the list of these flagged messages often by opening the Daily Digest email. You may find it contains messages that you don't want to miss, especially in the GREEN ZONE section. Please see more information here about this important feature of Webmail.   

Q:  The time stamp on emails I send and receive seems to be off by an hour. What's going on?

A:  Sorry about that. The time setting in your email account is set to USA Eastern Time by default. Here's how to change it:

1.  Login to webmail and select the Preferences tab in the top menu. This will open the preferences screen shown below. In the dropdown menu for Time Zone and Language, select USA Central Time. Then click the SAVE button at upper left.
Change Time Zone

We also recommend that you change the time setting within the Greymail spam filter to central time. Follow these steps: 

1.  Login to webmail. In your inbox, find and open the Daily Digest email. The contents will look like the picture below. Click the My Account link.
MyAccount Greymail
2. Select the settings tab. You'll see a screen like the picture below. Use the dropdown menu below the map to select the US Central time zone.
Greymail TZ
3.  Exit by selecting the Messages tab. You'll see the screen below. Click logout in the top right and your change will be saved.
Greymail Menu

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