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View Web Content on a TV

Want to watch ESPN3 or other web content on your TV? Here's how.

There are many ways to move web content to your big screen. Choose the option the works best for the equipment in your home and the type of content you want to watch.

Connect a computer, laptop, tablet or phone using a cable:

To watch web content on your TV, you need two things:

1.   A device connected to the internet that allows you to open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Safari. Usually this device will be a laptop, tablet or a smart phone that's connected to a wifi network. Please note that not all connected devices allow web browsing. For example, your Blu-Ray player, game console, Apple TV or television set may be connected, but it only allows you to visit a small number of pre-determined websites such as YouTube or Netflix -- you can't use it to open a web browser.

2.   A TV with an input port that's compatible with the output from your internet device. On HDTVs you will usually find both HDMI and VGA ports.

If your laptop and TV both have HDMI ports, you've got it made. Use an HDMI cable to connect them. HDMI will give you the best quality picture and it carries both video and audio. After connecting the HDMI cable, press the input button on your TV remote until the signal from the laptop is displayed on the TV. If your laptop or TV doesn't have an HDMI port, download the instructions below for more information. download written instructions

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Note for Apple users: Any web video you can access through your Apple device can be displayed on a TV. You many need to purchase a cable specifically designed to connect your Apple device to a TV. After the two are connected, you'll need to press the INPUT or SOURCE button on your TV's remote control until the video from the Apple device is displayed on the TV screen. Remember that Apple devices (iPads, iPhones and iPods) do not allow you to view video in the widely-used Adobe Flash format. ESPN3 and lots of other web video is in Flash, so you won't be able to use an apple device to watch it this way.

Use an internet streaming device - no cable needed:

A growing number of internet streaming devices allow customers to easily watch web content on a TV, without connecting any cables to a computer or mobile device. Most streaming devices are simple to connect, and require a wifi network. Using a streaming device, customers can watch popular cable network apps and streaming providers such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The availability of apps varies by streaming device. A streaming device is a great option for watching ESPN3 games through the ESPN app. CFU TV customers have access to up to 50 channels they can stream through CFU TV Everywhere. More info here.

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