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Residential Services

CFU's Energy Services team is ready to help you save energy and money. We offer rebates for upgrading to energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, insulation, lighting and appliances. Get started below by learning about free in-home diagnostic services.

Free Energy Services

1. House Calls Audit

Choose a House Calls Audit if your home was built before the year 2000. A CFU staff member visits your home to record the age, type and capacity of heating, cooling, water heating, kitchen and laundry equipment. We observe and record insulation levels and heat loss areas within the home, and install free LED lamps, faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads. We will also review your utility usage and bills. We use the data collected to recommend equipment change-outs, home improvements and energy conservation practices, and estimate the up-front costs and return on investment. We review our recommendations with the homeowner, who decides which measures to implement.

Homes newer than the year 2000 will likely not benefit from a House Calls energy audit, but homeowners are eligible for select energy-efficiency products and advice as well as available rebates. Call 319-266-1761 to inquire about your Energy Services options.

2. Heating & Cooling Equipment Sizing

Choose a Heating and Cooling Equipment Sizing if you need an immediate heating or cooling system replacement and wish to qualify for CFU’s energy-efficiency rebates. A CFU Energy Specialist will visit your home and calculate the correct size of your heating and cooling system.* 

3. Thermal Imaging, Blower Door or Duct Balancing

Request a Thermal Imaging, Blower Door or Duct Balancing if you have specific comfort needs, including:

  • Cold walls or ice dams
  • Leaky or poorly sealed areas in your home
  • Rooms that are too cold or too warm

If you are not sure which of these tools to request, call 319-266-1761 to describe the comfort issue and arrange for any of these services. Choose a Gas Furnace Check by contacting the CFU Division of Gas Operations at 319-268-5340.

*In an effort to simplify the application process while ensuring quality installations, the HVAC SAVE® online platform and requirements will no longer be used. Your HVAC contractor will still be required to perform quality checks. The measurements will be recorded directly on the rebate application form.‚Äč

Building a New Home?

CFU will review your plans to ensure compliance with the IECC 2012. Your general contractor will typically contact CFU for the plan review, but if you have questions or are acting as your own contractor, call 319-266-1761 and ask for Energy Services.

Call 319-266-1761 or email energyservices@cfu.net to speak to an Energy Services specialist about scheduling any of the above services.

CFU Energy Services

Need Assistance?

Contact Energy Services at 319-266-1761 or energyservices@cfu.net with any questions before you make a purchase.