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Electric Vehicle Charger in Cedar Falls

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity across the United States. As a community-owned utility, we are proud to support our customers who are adopting this technology. Electric vehicles are environmentally sound and cost-effective. In fact, a recent Iowa Economic Development study found the average cost to charge an electric vehicle in Iowa is $461 per year. It costs $1,271 per year for an average Iowa driver to fill up his or her car with gasoline (assuming gas costs $2.50 per gallon). 

CFU recently installed a public electric vehicle charger near downtown Cedar Falls. The dual-port Level 2 charger is located on West Second Street across from City Hall. The charger expands the community’s electric vehicle charging network and encourages visitors to stop in downtown Cedar Falls. Learn more.

Join CFU's Electric Vehicle (EV) Community

Help drive the use of electric vehicles in our community and be on the list for future focus groups, surveys and more. If you own or lease an electric vehicle, join CFU's electric vehicle (EV) community.

Register your vehicle online or submit a printed applicationto join our EV community plus receive a $50 rebate from CFU. 

Rebate requirements and limits:

  • Residential and business CFU customers who own or lease a qualified electric vehicle are eligible for a $50 electric vehicle (EV) community incentive.
    • Qualified vehicles:
      • Electric and partially electric (plug-in hybrid) vehicles.
      • Electric vehicles that can travel at speeds >60 mph. Licensed or unlicensed vehicles such as electric golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles like the GEM Peapod, etc. are not eligible.
  • One rebate per vehicle+customer combination.
    • ?Customers with multiple electric vehicles can apply for each vehicle. Submit a new form for each vehicle.
    • Customers that replace an already registered electric vehicle can apply for the replacement electric vehicle.

Join our EV Community
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The Best Time to Charge 

CFU encourages electric vehicle owners to charge overnight, after 9 PM. Overnight charging matches up with overall lower electric demand on CFU’s system. Most electric vehicle chargers and charging stations allow owners to schedule the charging time.

If too many EV owners in Cedar Falls fill their batteries during the day when overall electricity demand tends to peak, it could put a strain on the grid and require new infrastructure. If most charging happens at night, when demand is lower, CFU can meet the new electric load with much less investment. This keeps rates low for all customers.