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We are CFU Spotlight: Chris Hartman, Communications Technician

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2021

Chris Hartman is a Communications Technician at CFU. Chris and his coworkers are responsible for installing and maintaining internet, TV and phone services at customers' homes and completing fiber and  communications construction projects throughout the community.

"We do installs in customers' homes. And we could also be doing service where customers call in. It could be anything from dead batteries to the wrong input on their TV and we go out and fix it," says Chris. “Then the next week we will be doing projects. Every other week we rotate what we do.”

Chris is proud that he and his team help provide reliable communications services and support if something does happen.

"We have great customer service," adds Chris. "We’re always on call so if something goes down you know we’re going to be there, if not that day, the next day. Somebody is going to show up and take care of what you need."

Because a multitude of things could cause communications issues, Communications Technicians must have a breadth of knowledge to find solutions. Chris appreciates that this makes each day a unique challenge.

"You go to work at other places and day to day is the same...where here, you never know what you’re going to do," says Chris. "I like to be challenged and I like to always be thinking so it works out well."

However, Chris' favorite aspect of his role is the people.

"I like the people. I like the people I work with. The people I meet on a daily basis. The days just fly by."