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Be Aware of Fraudulent Emails

Posted on Monday, August 28, 2017

CFU’s Internet Help Desk cautions customers to be careful about sharing personal information over email.

Sometimes, CFU customers receive email messages that say you must confirm your account in order to preserve your CFU webmail account. These messages are not from CFU.

While CFU takes many precautions to prevent fraudulent emails from getting through to users, no email service is free from abuse.

To manage the email that is delivered to your inbox, customers can adjust the filters in Greymail tied to your CFU email account. Learn more by visiting cfu.net/spam.

Protect your account by keeping your username and password private. Don’t share this information with others and don’t ever put a username or password inan email. Questions? Call the Help Desk at 268-5221.

How to spot junk email:

  • CFU never asks customers to send us usernames or passwords by email. If a message asks you to do that, it’s not from CFU, even though it may be written and designed to look like it came from us.
  • Messages from CFU will always tell you how to contact us by phone and email; many spam messages do not.
  • Awkward wording and incomplete sentences throughout the message are a sign that it is not from CFU.
  • Check the email address. The sender address may tell you the message is not from an @cfu.net account.

If you get a spam or junk email message, delete it without replying. You do not need to forward this message to Cedar Falls Utilities.