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We are CFU Spotlight: Line Worker Stuart Craig

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2020

CFU Spotlight Line Worker Stuart Craig

Stuart Craig is one of 11 line workers at CFU working behind the scenes to ensure Cedar Falls maintains the vital electric service required to power our lives.

Originally from the area, Stuart went to line school at Chippewa Valley Technical College and graduated in 2013. After school he came back to Cedar Falls and worked for a contractor on a CFU project.

"I got talked into going to line school from a buddy of mine," says Stuart. "So I went to power line school and I got a job right out of school doing contracting work for CFU actually, so I got to know the system pretty well."

Eventually Stuart accepted a full-time position with CFU once the right opportunity came along.

Today he works alongside a crew maintaining our electric infrastructure, fixing outages as they occur and updating the system to prevent future issues.

It may be easy to forget how important electricity is until an outage occurs.

"If you experience a power outage, like a lot of people in Iowa have recently due to the derecho, you realize that linemen have a pretty important job," says Stuart. 

"I had an outage the other day where the customer was on oxygen and they lost power. Thankfully I was able to get them turned back on fairly quickly."

Stuart and all the line workers at CFU work diligently to ensure customers have reliable electric service.

"Helping out the community is great," adds Stuart. "This is where I grew up so I'm very happy to be here."