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Log In to Keep Your CFU Email Account Active

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Customers who use a @cfu.net Webmail account must log in to their accounts every six months for the accounts to remain active.

Inactive accounts are archived. If an account is archived, incoming messages can be delivered, but outgoing messages cannot be sent.

After one year of being inactive, the account will be purged. This means that all traces of the account are deleted and any messages stored in the account will not be recoverable.

It is important to note that this applies to those who have their CFU Webmail account forwarding all email to another account.

Because your outgoing messages are being delivered by your other account, you may not notice if your account is archived.

Even if your messages are being forwarded, you need to login to your @cfu.net email account at least once every six months to keep your CFU Webmail account active and prevent it from being deleted.

CFU must minimize inactive accounts, as inactive accounts are often used to send SPAM messages.

Questions? Contact the Help Desk at 319-268-5221 or email support@cfu.net.