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Community-Owned Utilities Deliver Value

Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Each October, community-owned utilities across the country recognize Public Power Week. The annual celebration is an opportunity to share the value you receive as a customer-owner of Cedar Falls Utilities. We are here to serve you!

Community Focus

Through our local Board of Trustees, citizens have a powerful voice in decision making.

The formation of the Communications Utility stands out as a terrific example. Citizens recognized the value of high-speed internet service 20 years ago, and tasked CFU with building one of the nation’s first community broadband systems.

As a local provider, we can act quickly to do what’s best for our customers. CFU was able to swiftly make the decision to upgrade to an all-fiber system in 2010. The new infrastructure will provide world-class service for years to come and fuel the local economy.

Low Rates

We know low rates and reliable service are important. Twice per year, CFU conducts a rate survey. The most recent survey told us that residents saved $772 per year compared to the average cost for a customer with identical usage in 20 Iowa peer communities. That adds up to a community savings of $10.1 million.

And low rates do not come at the cost of deferred maintenance.We continually make investments, such as moving electric lines underground. CFU’s services all compare favorably to industry reliability standards.

Local Service

When you call or stop by our office on Utility Parkway, you are able to speak to someone who is invested in our community.

CFU customer service representatives and Help Desk associates are available to answer questions quickly, at times that are convenient for you. And, our service technicians and line workers can be dispatched rapidly in the rare event of a service outage.

We appreciate your continued support of Cedar Falls Utilities. Thank you for the opportunity
to serve.