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Considering Rooftop Solar? Contact CFU for a Free Technical Review

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Cedar Falls Utilities encourages customers considering a solar installation to take advantage of a free technical review of project proposals by CFU’s Energy Services team. 

Recently, CFU has discovered a solar installation company sharing false and misleading claims with customers in Cedar Falls.Customers should use caution to avoid overpaying for rooftop solar systems. 

CFU urges customers to work with multiple companies to get quotes when considering a solar installation. Keep in mind:

  • CFU does not recommend or have a special arrangement or relationship with any solar installation company.
  • CFU does not limit the number of customers who can install solar panels.
  • Many solar companies offering “zero cost” installations are actually providing long-term financing for customers. The payback on customer-owned solar panels may stretch out over many years. Customers should carefully consider the terms of any agreement.
  • Recently, a solar company advertising in Cedar Falls was posing as a non-profit organization. Customers should fully investigate potential solar vendors.
  • Some solar companies advertising to customers in Cedar Falls are promoting potential grants available for utility customers in Cedar Falls. CFU has not seen evidence of solar companies connecting customers with grant money for solar projects.

CFU’s energy engineering staff can help customers review proposals from potential solar companies. Customers can email energyservices@cfunet.net to have a solar installation proposal reviewed for technical accuracy.