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Winter Weather and Your Utilities

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2019

CFU Crews Work to Repair Power Lines after Winter Storm

Winter is quickly approaching as are the challenges winter weather can bring. Snow and ice can sometimes affect your utility services. Help us keep your family and our crews safe this winter.

Ice and wind from a winter storm can damage power lines. It is important to stay away from downed power lines and anything downed lines may be touching. Report fallen lines immediately to CFU by calling 319-268-6999. If you are in a vehicle that comes into contact with a downed line, stay in the vehicle until help arrives.

Be prepared for a power outage. Use surge protectors on home electronics to prevent most damage from lightning or electric service disruptions.

If your power is out, do not operate gas lanterns, heaters or cook stoves without adequate ventilation.

If you have a generator, always run it outdoors and away from doors, windows and air vents. It is important to have your generator installed by a qualified electrician. Never connect the generator to an electrical outlet. If your generator is not connected properly, electricity could backfeed power lines during an outage, causing a dangerous situation for our line crews who are working to repair the lines.

Snow Coved gas meterSnow and ice can also present a safety hazard for your gas meter. Heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on your gas meter may prevent CFU staff from being able to access and accurately read and service your home’s meter. Meter readers need access each month and quick access in an emergency can be critical for your safety.

We ask you to keep your meter and path to it clear. You should never let it get completely covered and do not shovel snow up against your meter.

Use a broom to gently sweep it away and never kick or hit the gas meter or its piping to break away snow or ice.