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CFU Values Your Internet Privacy

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Last October, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new online privacy protections for consumers. As a result, CFU changed nothing.

In April, Congress overturned the new privacy rules. Again, CFU changed nothing.

CFU does not collect information about websites customers visit, apps they use or where they access the internet. We didn’t collect this data before the new privacy rules were adopted, we don’t do it now and we have no plans to start.

Under the rules rolled back in April, internet service providers (ISPs) would need your written permission before collecting and sharing this data. The requirement would have gone into force later this year. Now ISPs are again free to collect, use, share or sell your data without your permission.

A number of customers have asked how the rollback of privacy rules will affect the way CFU does business. The answer is easy. CFU does not collect this data, even for our own use, and does not sell it to others. We respect customers’ privacy, whatever the federal rules may allow.

Should you worry? If you use a large ISP, including internet access through a mobile phone carrier, you should understand their privacy policy. And, be alert for changes they may send your way.

In addition, other companies can collect online data, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. They do not need your permission to collect your browsing history, purchasing behavior or location. They can use this information for a range of purposes, including targeted adverting.

That has not changed, and it has nothing to do with your internet provider. Wise consumers recognize the limits of online privacy and act accordingly.