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Look Up and Live Power Line Safety

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

look up and live for power line safety

Whether at home or work, it is important to practice power line safety. Before starting any project keep these power line safety measures in mind.

  • Locate all overhead power lines and stay at least 10 feet away.
  • Do not touch anything in contact with a power line.
  • Carry ladders and equipment horizontally.
  • Stay at least 35 feet away from downed power lines and call CFU at 319-268-5297 immediately.
  • It is also important to teach your kids not to fly kites or play in trees near power lines.

If a vehicle contacts a power line or utility pole:

  • Consider all lines to be live and dangerous.
  • Tell others not to approach and stay at least 35 feet away.
  • Stay inside your vehicle unless you see fire or smoke.
  • Have someone call CFU at 319-268-5297 to de-energize the line.

In the event of fire or smoke:

  • Do not touch the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  • Jump from the vehicle with your feet together.
  • Shuffle away and avoid lifting your feet.