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Networks Added to the CFU TV Lineup

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Tennis Channel will join the Basic Plus TV lineup March 1. Find the network on channel
88/HD 488/79.1.

As the name suggests, the network focuses on events and other programming related to the game of tennis, along with other racquet sports such as badminton and racquetball.

The network broadcasts live tournaments, news, one-on-one interviews, game analysis and skills instruction. The Tennis Channel provides extensive coverage of the French Open, the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup as well as other tournaments throughout the year.

CFU TV added two other networks in February. Hallmark Drama was added to Basic
Plus TV. Find the network on channel 89/HD 489/79.7.

Hallmark Drama is a sister network to the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The network focuses on family-friendly dramatic storytelling.

The Olympic Channel was added to the Family Choice tier, channel 130.

The new network offers fans year-round programming of Olympic sports, highlighting your favorite American athletes and teams. Programming emphasizes live events from a broad portfolio of summer and winter Olympic sports.

Add the Family Choice tier to your TV package for only $7 per month to get the Olympic Channel and 20 other family-friendly TV networks.