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Optimize the Internet Speed in Your Home

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WiFi versus wired internet connections with CFU

CFU customers benefit from some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.  10 gig is available city-wide and our standard internet plan delivers 250 megabits per second. However, internet speed is only part of the equation when it comes to user experience.

Many customers rely on a wireless router and a WiFi connection to operate most devices. While wireless internet can provide a great connection, the primary reason to use WiFi is convenience or mobility.

Wireless signals use radio waves to transmit information similar to a radio or cell phone. Just as your car radio or cell phone can experience interference, so too can your wireless network.

Obstacles that can cause issues with your wireless signal include interference from other devices sending radio waves such as your neighbor's router, older wireless equipment that slows down the entire network, distance from the router signal or structural obstacles that can block a signal such as reinforced concrete walls.

To maximize speeds on your home network, connect devices with an Ethernet cable when possible. UTP Category 6a cable is best. A wired connection will be faster than even the best wireless equipment. 

Game systems, smart TVs and home office equipment are best suited to a wired connection. Upgrades in technology have made WiFi a reliable alternative in most other cases. 

CFU now offers a whole-home WiFi solution. With CFU WiFi, one of our technicians will install top of the line equipment and optimize it for your home and internet needs. To learn more, visit cfu.net/WiFi.